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Real Estate Management Service to offer the best return on your investment


Check in / Out

We greet the guests and we are in charge of the handover of keys so they do not have to worry about anything. We inspect the apartment before their arrival to make sure everything is in an optimal condition. We also offer different packages to make their stay wonderful.

  • Welcoming of guests.
  • Key handover.
  • Inspection of the apartment before arrival.
  • Welcome Packs and Fenhomenal Delicatessen.

Legal and Tax counselling

We offer legal advice for the purchase, sale and rental of your property considering the possibility of contracting legal representation services before home owners’ association. Moreover, in order to offer further options, we can help you with the accounting, invoicing and tax filings.

  • Legal counselling: rental, purchase and sale.
  • Tax filings.
  • Invoicing.
  • Accounting.
  • Legal representation before Community of Owners.

Management of properties

We manage bookings of your apartment with a 24/7 telephone service updating rates according to the market to maximize the return of your property. We appear in meetings with homeowners’ associations, we manage the portfolio of clients interested and we list Fenhomenal apartments in our Webpage offering always a transparent service providing access to your digital profile.

  • Creation and maintenance of digital profiles.
  • Update of market-based rates.
  • Listing of Fenhomenal apartments in our Web.
  • Scheduling of visits to properties.


We offer interior design services and we take professional photos of apartments. We help you with the refurbishing and we obtain the necessary licenses for the management of your properties.

  • Interior design and professional photos.
  • Refurbishing.
  • Obtaining licenses.

Caring for your home

We make sure that apartments are in an excellent condition. We offer laundry services (towels and linen) and we carry out the necessary maintenance duties for the repair of defects.

  • Deep cleaning of apartments.
  • Laundry Service for towels and linen.
  • Maintenance duties.
  • Repair of defects.

À la carte services

If you wish to contract any specific service you may contact us for further information:

  • Legal and tax counselling.
  • Invoicing, tax fillings and accounting.
  • Legal representation before homeowners’ associations.
  • Interior design and professional photos.
  • Refurbishing and urgent repairs.
  • Advice on construction projects.
  • Licenses.
  • Fenhomenal DELICATESSEN (Selection of acorn-fed Iberian products “Real Jamón”, natural products and wine bottle).
  • Laundry service and towels.
  • Check in/out different from the times established.
  • Deep cleaning of apartments + Welcome Pack Basic.
  • Deep cleaning of apartments + Welcome Pack Premium.

Bookings managed
Contracts managed
Satisfied owners